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Production and sale of professional paint brushes and for the "do it yourself"

The range of manufacture and sale articles of Pennellificio del Lago regards paint brushes both professional and for the "do it yourself". In detail includes wall brushes to which most attention has been devoted over the years to obtain a high degree of specialization in its production with the aim of reaching a value valid to compete in the market of "do it yourself" and high quality for professional brushes.

We also offer the sale of flat brushes, round brushes and brushes for radiators in order to ensure a complete range of paint brushes. In our work we use different types of bristle: Chinese natural bristle of varying quality, bristles mixed with synthetic fibers and synthetic fibers purely. Finally, considering the increasing diversification of paints in the market, Pennellificio del Lago is always ready to adapt production lines to provide brushes suitable to new materials.